SimpleMotion V2 USB Adapter

23.40 € inc. VAT
19.50 € ex. VAT
SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter (SMV2USB or USB-SMV2) is a usb device that acts as a bridge between USB port and SimpleMotion V2 RS485 based field bus.
By technology point of view USB-SMV2 is a USB to RS485 serial converter with RJ45 connector.
SMV2USB is the recommended RS485 interface to connect SimpleMotion V2 based drives (such as Ioni and Argon) to Granity configuration software.

In most cases operating system detects the SimpleMotion V2 USB adapter as USB serial port and is able to install drivers automatically.

However, if it's not the case, you can download VCP (Virtual COM Port) drivers from this page.

The recommended package for Windows is the setup executable (direct link).