Moza CRP Pedals

499.00 € inc. VAT
415.83 € ex. VAT
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Made of CNC aluminum alloy, the CRP pedals are a professional grade pedals. It offers drivers a solid, sturdy and reliable platform that can easily withstand heavy braking or the quickest foot work.


  • High-precision load cell sensor that measures consistently and accurately the braking force, up to 100 Kg.
  • 15 bits precision magnetic sensors for accelerator and clutch
  • 3-stage clutch that offers a very realistic feel. The first stage provides low resistance, with a sharp increase in the second stage, simulating a clutch disc spring. The final third stage has a clear resistance drop off, to ensure consistency for every race start.
  • Each pedal is fully adjustable, allowing the change of travel, angle and hardness. Use the included springs and damping blocks to create your perfect pedal feel. You can also configure linearity easily in the MOZA Pit House App.
  • USB Connexion
  • Size : 364mm x 415.1mm x 256.5mm
  • Weight : 7.5 Kg