Moza R21 Direct Drive Base

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21 Nm of pure Direct Drive torque provided by an Industrial-grade motor, controlled by a Quad Core processor and protected by a temperature sensor, in an aircraft-grade aluminum case.


With 21 Nm of torque provided by the R21, feel all the information that race cars can produce. Every bump, skid and slide is transcribed, providing an incomparable immersion.

Unlike belt or gear wheelbases, with the R21 each micro information is transmitted to the pilot without being absorbed by the mechanics. Thanks to a unique rotor design, pratically no torque ripple is felt, offering the most accurate experience of the Moza Racing bases.


Compact, this base is ideal for installations with a limited space and a limited budget.

The R21, thanks to its unique induction power system and its wireless communication with the wheels, is compatible with all Moza Racing wheels and also allows the installation of DIY wheels thanks to our compatible QRs (native radio communication with the base or independent by SimHub).


The base can be configured using the "Moza Pit House" PC application, but also by a Smartphone or tablet, by installing the "Moza App" application.



Applicable Platform PC
Driving Type Direct Drive
Maximum Steering Angle Unlimited
Housing Material Aluminum Alloys
Housing Color Black
Maximum Torque 21 N.m
Maximum Power 480W
Input Voltage 110V~220V AC
USB Refresh Rate 1000 Hz
Connection Ports Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen
Accessories User Guide, Warranty Card, Power Supply, USB Cable, Took Kit
Mounting 4 holes on the bottom; exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
Table Clamp Optional
Side Mounting Optional
Emergency Stop Switch Optional
Side Mounting Optional
Size (L x W x H)(mm) 327 x 170 x 130
Mass 8.9 Kg