Printed Hub for Thrustmaster bases

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28.00 € ex. VAT
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Printed in PLA, this hub is compatible with Thrustmaster bases, designed and printed by Electroseed.
It can be mounted with a Zenky / D1 Spec QR. The pass-through holes (either 6 x 70mm or 6 x 74 mm) enables to mount QRs in any direction (female part on the base side or on the wheel side). You can also directly mount your custom wheel without QR.
The 6-pin mini-din connector is present and is accessible with 2 x 3-pin dupont headers, which allows you to directly use our SamD21 WB TM boards to create your custom wheel (cable is included with the hub).
Total height : 40 mm
Plate diameter : 82 mm
Plate height : 10 mm
Mounting holes : 6x70 mm