Seeeduino XIAO

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Firmware :
Bodacs :
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The Seeeduino XIAO board brings you the power of a SamD21 in one of the smallest form factor. We have installed the Adafruit SamD21 bootloader.

Thanks to Node Blue, this board enables connecting buttonsswitchesencoderspotentiometers,  rotary switchesjoysticks  and various sensors.

By choosing the Bodac option, you'll be able to connect for example 11 buttons instead of 7 (a Bodac allows to connect 5 buttons on one input).

Attention, this board uses an USB-C connector.

Microcontroller  SAMD21G18A Cortex-M0+ 32bit ARM MCU @ 48 MHz
Board Power Supply (USB/VIN) 5 V
Operating Voltage  3.3 V (Board Max Consumption 220 mA)
Digital Input/output Pins 11 (including I2C, SPI and A0-A10)
Analog Input Pins 11 (12 bits ADC)
Analog Output Pins 1 (10 bits DAC)
External Interrupts 9 (0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, A1, A2)
Interfaces 2  UART, 1 SPI, 1 I2C, 1 I2S
DC current per I/O Pin 7 mA
Memory 256 KBytes Flash,32 KBytes SRAM
EEPROM No (emulated with flash)