24 bits ADC Hx711

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SPI connector :
Load Cell Connector :

24 bits Analog to Digital Converter based on the Hx711 IC. This converter, specially suited for interfacing with load cells, provides an excitation voltage ( pins E- / E +) and measures the voltage on pins A- / A + (channel A) or B- / B + (channel B).


The gain on channel A can be set to 64 or 128 by programming, and the gain on channel B is hard coded to 32.


The board is configured by us to sample at 80 Hz. If you want to measure 2 signals the sampling rate drops to 40 Hz (for pedals applications we recommend that you use 2 boards in order to stay at 80 Hz).


Dimensions : 23.4 mm x 16 mm


Hx711 IC Documentation : http://www.electroseed.fr/docs/hx711_v2_0.pdf


Node Blue Example: https://www.electroseed.fr/shop/gui/index.php?file=examples/06-Sensors/Hx711_HID.txt

Documentation du circuit Hx711 : http://www.electroseed.fr/docs/hx711_v2_0.pdf


Exemple Node Blue : https://www.electroseed.fr/shop/gui/index.php?file=examples/06-Sensors/Hx711_HID.txt