Zenky Slot (Male Part)

4.20 € inc. VAT
3.50 € ex. VAT
The original Zenky quick releases have the drawback of not preventing the electrical connexion from being made in the wrong direction if the male part is pushed in on the wrong side. In order to avoid damaging an embeded electronic board powered by this connection, we have designed new plates and added a slot key.
With to this system there will be no more risk of destroying the electronics embedded in your steering wheel !
This piece is the female part, to be used on the female part of the quick release.
Zenky Quick Release (Female part)
Zenky Quick Release (Female part)

Female part for Zenky Quick Releases.


This QR can be mounted directly with standard wheels (70mm inter-axis distance).


A 2-pin connector allows you to connect a power supply and transmit power coming from a Thrustmaster or Fanatec Wheel base. 


Hub and Flywheel bolt centers: 6x74 mm or 6x70 mm

M5 threaded holes, depth 12 mm