SamD21 TM Wheel Emulator


Firmware :
IO Headers :

The SamD21 TM board allows you to build custom wheels for Thrustmaster Wheel bases, without any USB cable, by getting power supply from the base and sending back states of buttons/encoders/etc (use our dedicated cable for an easy connection). You can also deal with Leds (up to 15) on bases that support them (T300, TS-PC Racer, TS-XW), by choosing the Firmware option "Customized with display".


22 inputs are handled on the base, for push buttons , rotary switches ou encoders, shifter paddles, or a Joycoder. 4 inputs among the 22 will be seen by the PC as a hat switch (mapped by default on a Joycoder).


This board is a SamD21 Mini board connected to the base thru the ICSP header and pin A2. So A2, MOSI, MISO and SCK pins are reserved and not available.


The board can be programmed to deal with 17 buttons, 1 rotary encoder and 1 Joycoder, or 22 buttons. For a different configuration, please choose a Customized Firmware Option and check on this page if the configuration is feasable :