Angle sensor AS5600

3.60 € inc. VAT
3.00 € ex. VAT
Contactless AS5600 12 bits angle sensor, delivered with a magnet.
Allows you to make pedals or any other element requiring a robust angle sensor.
The angle range can be 360° but can also be reduced to 18° while keeping the full precision of the sensor.
Available interfaces are analog or I2C.We recommand I2C, since it allows to do the sensor calibration (choice of the angle interval), and also the signal will be more protected against noise.
Power voltage :3.3V
Board dimensions: 22.6 mm x 23.2 mm, thickness 3.2 mm (including pcb and components)
Magnet dimension : Diameter 6mm, height 2.5 mm
Magnet to sensor distance : min 0  mm, max 5 mm