3D position magnetic sensor MLX90393

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Magnet :
 Contactless MLX90393 position sensor with I2C and SPI interfaces. I2C address can be set to 4 different values, so several sensors can be chained on the same I2C bus.
Thanks to a 3 dimensional measure of the magnetic field, this sensor allows you to make a joystick, a gear shifter for H or sequential gearbox, and it can even be used as a very precise angle sensor for pedals.
The sensor uses 19 bits ADC, digital filters and supersampling techniques so it can reach 16 bits of precision in the best conditions. Sampling rate will vary according to filter and supesampling settings, but it can reach 200 Hz while keeping good precision.
Thanks to a high sensitivity, the magnet can placed as far as 5 cm from the board while keeping the full range of the sensor.
The measurement space is 5x5x5 cm (5mm magnet), or 3x3x3 cm (3mm magnet).
Board dimensions: 20mm x 20mm, thickness 4mm
Magnet dimension : Diameter 10 mm, height 3 or 5 mm
Note :  There's an error on the writing of the pcb, "MOSI" and "MISO" labels are inverted. Please trust the folowing pinouts :  https://www.electroseed.fr/shop/images/MLX90393.png