Rotary Encoder 20 detents / revolution (D Shaft)

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Knob :
Board :

Rotary Encoder 20 detents / revolution, 2 pulses / detent, with push button. 

  • Shaft Length: 15 mm (including the screw thread)
  • Shaft Diameter: 6 mm 
  • Bushing Material: Metal  
  • Panel mount, bushing Thread: M7 x 0.75  
  • Shaft type : D shape


Standard Knob (D hole)
Standard Knob (D hole)

Knob for rotary encoder or potentiometers. 

  • Diameter: 14.7 mm
  • Height: 13.4 mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 6 mm (D shape)
  • Plastic  

This is a PCB for EC11 type rotary encoders, with or without button.

The 0.1" pitch connector makes it easy to connect dupont cables.

Button pins are separated, which allows for example to integrate it into a matrix of buttons.

The SJ1 soldering bridge allows one of the button's terminals to be connected to the GND, which allows the plate to be connected with only 4 wires (GND, button, EncA, EncB).

It is also possible to solder resistors in order to integrate the possible button in a Bodac or other resistance-based system.