Rotary Switch 2-12 Positions

6.24 € inc. VAT
5.20 € ex. VAT

Infinite Rotation :

Rotatry Switch 2-12 positions / 1 pole

Soldered on a circuit board specially developed by us, this rotary switch only uses an analog input and needs only 3 wires: 2 power supply wires and the analog output.

Thanks to the Node Blue module specific to this product, you can very easily integrate it into your projects.

The special washer that is provided enables to set the number of positions between 2 and 11 (without the washer you'll have 12 posisitions). Of course this is only available if you don't choose the "Infinite Rotation" option.


Drill size : 9 mm

You can choose your knob in this category (except D hole) :


WARNING : We don't provide any source code to use this product, we recommend to use NodeBlue which proposes a dedicated module.

This example will help you to get started easily:

Dupont plug Cable 3 wires 20cm Female Female
Dupont plug Cable 3 wires 20cm Female Female

Dupont Cable 3 wires Female-Female

Number of pins : 3

Length : 20 cm

Connector :  : 1x3 - 1x3