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Adafruit Feather breakout board for Teensy-3.2, with LiPoly Battery charge circuit

This board allows interfacing buttons / encoders, various sensors, and offers a radio module to implement wireless solutions very easily combined with a NrfDongle.

A charging circuit for 3.7V LiPo batteries is included. Choose a battery and a mini or micro USB connector to recharge the battery.


You will have access to 20 inputs / outputs, of which 6 can be configured as analog inputs, one analog output / DAC, and 14 digital  I/Os. SPI, UART and I2C ports are also exposed.

3 pins (MISO, MOSI and SCK) are reserved for the module.

By using Bodac on analog inputs, you can connect a total of 41 buttons.

Caution, this board is not compatible with the Teensy LC.


The A7 pin of the Teensy 3.2, which is not exposed, allows you to monitor the battery voltage in order to have an estimate of the remaining battery life.


All digital pins are 5V tolerant. The processor 3.2 operates at 72 MHz maximum but can be overclocked at 120 MHz. 


Pinout without Radio Module :                                                                                    Pinout with Radio Module :

Board Plate

3D PLA Printed plate for the Feather and TBB_ADA board family.

IO Headers
Teensy 3.2
Teensy 3.2

Teensy-3.2 delivers an impressive collection of capabilities to make modern electronic projects simpler. It features an ARM Cortex-M4 processor at 72 MHz, 256 K Flash, 64 K RAM, 21 16 bit analog input and a 12 bits analog output, 3 hardware Serial ports, SPI & I2C, USB, and a total of 39 I/O pins. See the technical specifications for details.

Teensy-3.2 maintains the same form-factor as Teensy LC, with most pins offering similar peripheral features.

Dimensions : 35.6 mm x 17.8 mm


Drivers Download : Teensy Drivers

JST 2.0 Cable 2 pins 15cm
JST 2.0 Cable 2 pins 15cm

JST 2.0mm Cable

Number of pins : 2

Length : 15cm

Male Connector : seamed on the cable

Dupont Cable 2 pins 20cm x10
Dupont Cable 2 pins 20cm x10

Dupont Cable 2 pins 20 cm  (pack of 10)

Leo24 Dongle
Leo24 Dongle

ATmega32u4 micro-controler based board, compatible with Arduino Leonardo  (assembled).

It has 9 digital input/output pins (of which 5 can be used as 10 bits analog inputs).

The ATmega32u4 micro-controler includes an USB hardware controler which can be programmed to create a gaming device, a keyboard, a mouse, etc..

The board can be powered by USB, or with an external 5V power supply. The board is like a USB dongle, so it doesn't need any USB cable to be connected to a PC.

Dimensions : 20 mm x 13 mm