Radio Kit

70.30 € inc. VAT
58.58 € ex. VAT

This kit allows you to build a radio link for your steering wheel. Along with our induction power kit, you can obtain a complete wireless installation without any embedded battery.


Contents :

TBB_01 board with printed stand, Tiny radio module8mm Teensy headers, and a Teensy LC

Leo24Dongle with a Tiny radio module and case

JST 2.0 cable to power the TBB_01 board.

µUSB connector board , so you'll be able to reprogram the TBB_01 board without having to open your wheel.

- 15 cm of shielded cable to connect the µUSB connector board to the Teensy LC

- 20 dupont cables so you can connect your buttons, rotary encoders, etc.

IO Headers