Induction Kit

32.30 € inc. VAT
26.92 € ex. VAT

Fixation :

Wireless induction power system, consisting of a transmitter to mount on the engine block and a receiver to mount in a QR or the wheel. This system can power a radio board installed on a steering wheel, thus making it possible to have a wireless installation without battery.

The transmitter is designed to mount either on a ThomConcept Motor mount for Mige 130ST-M10010 motors or any system with the adhesive version.

The receiver is designed to be mounted only on a ThomConcept Quick Release, altough some users have managed to adapt it to other systems.

Supplied with a 2m USB cable, the transmitter can be powered by a PC USB port if the receiver consumption is less than 300 mA (eg Teensy LC + Nextion screen). Above that, we recommend using a 12V power supply.


- Supply voltage: Min 5V - Max 12V

- Receiver current max: 500 mA

- Unloaded consumption: 60 mA

- Regulated voltage supplied by the receiver: 5V

- Maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver: 1 to 5mm, depending on the metallic environment (diameter of the motor shaft, etc.) and the supply voltage of the transmitter.