ThomConcept Quick Release

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83.33 € ex. VAT

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Aluminum Quick Release from ThomConcept, fully made in France.

Machined with precision, this revolutionary QR is compact, lightweight, and extremely reliable. Unlocking is done simply by turning the ring that surrounds the QR.

It's compatible with our induction power system and can be installed with induction receiver.

Axis diameter: 22 mm (you'll need to have the key in place)

This QR can be mounted directly with standard rings (70mm inter-axis distance), or on Fanatec wheels by replacing the original QR.

- No backlash (clamping is done by pinching the motor shaft).
- No adjustment of the tightening is necessary and no increase of the backlash with time.
- Direct mounting on the motor shaft (no additional parts needed)
- Demo Video : click here
ThomConcept Quick Release Raw
ThomConcept Quick Release Raw


ThomConcept Quick Release Black
ThomConcept Quick Release Black

ThomConcept Quick Release system from ThomConcept